Reply To: PSTEC for Self-Love


    Thank you so much Peter! I love your definition of self love about leaving the world a better place than when I arrived.
    Those are some great ideas to CT about the things my parents said, wow I could click forever on the things they said to me ha ha.
    I ran one of the new 2015 ct on me being a failure today. I like the way you told me to use the positive in steps where you said “I might” then “I can” great ideas thank you!
    One more question please: when I had the feeling of failure today and I started ct using 1 of the old basic tracks and I wasn't getting any relief using it so I put it up for a few then I used 1 of the new 2015 tracks and it finally eased up. So my question is, why didn't I get any positive results using the old ct but did when using the new? Could it be that my subconscious or whatever has gotten to used to the old that it's not working or could it be something else? Thank you again