Reply To: Hello and Help

Peter Bunyan

    Hi JSDoc

    Everyone is a headcase! What PSTEC Tools?  Start with the Click Tracks you already have. What to Click Track first? That low self worth, that “feel like a failure”. The low self worth will undermine and sabotage anything you do to try and improve your position, it creates the negative self talk and the depression of having to “push through life” and magnifies past failures. You already have “fear of the future” so look at where you are now and imagine it all going downhill increasing debt, your wife and sons leaving you, what ever is the worst possible for you, hang on to that senario while running the Click Track and trying to tap in synch with the clicks and tones as per the Click Track instructions. You can also Click Track the memory of that business failure and any other memory you can recall where you lost self esteem. Go right back to school and earlier and CT any memory of an event you had rather not have happpened to you.

    Also download Wealth of Abundance from my site, free, no sign up or email required. This is a hypnotic track by Tim and helps to rebuild low self worth by increasing gratitude. Listen to this as often as you can for as long as you can, it is a hypnotic so do not try to do anything else at the same time.

    Please let us know how you get on, keep in touch and ask again if you have anymore questions or I have failed to make something clear to you.