Reply To: Hello and Help

Peter Bunyan

    Hi JSDoc

    You need to know nothing about the mind in order to use and have success with PSTEC, just follow the instructions. However the process of changing yourself is a journey of discovery and some learning makes it all the more interesting. Furthermore you might find different ways of using PSTEC that suit you better.

    In brief the subconscious is the part of our mind/brain that evolved while we were still animals and pre-human. Our conscious mind/brain evolved as we became human. The subconscious works with feelings/emotions (not logical) and the conscious with language (this stuff I am writing here) and logic. In between the two is your imagination which enables communication between them. The subconscious is the powerhouse which drives almost everything we do all day 24/7 while the conscious just gives occasional directions like a captain of a ship. To stretch this analogy beyond breaking point, The man at the wheel of the ship steers where the subconscious says to go which is the way he always goes, he works by habit. The captain repeats his orders hundreds of time to make the man change (affirmations) in order to speed things up the captain offers him a pay rise (visualisations). using PSTEC and the disaster scenario mentioned earlier, is the captain telling the man at the wheel that he is heading for the rocks unless he changes course soon. Sort of gets the attention quickly. Sounds crazy that we live our lives by unthinking habit all the time, which is fine if the habits are good ones. However most of us have all sorts of unwanted habits and we do not even realise they are there and that we can change them. Like a crazy out of control ship. The journey you are on is taking back control by losing the unwanted habits which take you towards the rocks or the wrong direction and if you move on after this to PSTEC Positive, giving the man at the wheel a pay rise and a bonus with extra holiday. So yes you can use other techniques with PSTEC, but unless you can remove the unwanted emotions first, then your ship is trying to drag a big anchor around and getting nowhere fast, PSTEC Click Tracks cut the anchor chain. Are you still with me? On board even!  ;D
    To answer your question. Keep it simple to start with and as you start making progress then look further ahead and maybe look at other techniques to use as well which you may or may not find helpful. If not at least you will have the fall back of PSTEC which you will know by then works. In any experiment you have to limit the variables in order to ascertain what is working or not. Change one thing at a time and test the result before taking the next step. Does this make sense to you?