Reply To: Crafting an effective statement

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Airpstec

    Apologies for slow reply, I have been having broadband issues, hopefully now sorted.

    An effective statement needs to target one simple thing in a few words. It has to be almost believable to you as you need to be able to imagine it being true during the track. However you can proceed in a series of steps starting with, for example “I could be good at music making” going on to “I am good at music” to “I am really good at music”. This is clearly going to take more time, but working up in this way progressing when you feel confident that your statement feels true to you. All the time you think about your statement and it is immediately followed by doubts “It's what I really want, but…” then you need to Click Track more first or start with an even more believable statement. “I can be calm and confident sometimes” to “I am calm and confident all the time” Short simple and it can be re-worded by yourself in a variety of ways and levels of positiveness.
    Hope this helps