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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Boobinsko

    Possibilities v Softeners. IMO If you are using “How to..” you might have a goal that is so “impossible” that you have to break it down into stages and each stage being a gaol to “achieve” in it self. So making statements at each stage that are possibilities and even these having sub statements that are softened down. They are really much the same thing my take on it is that you have big ideas and little ideas, to me possibilities are bigger steps and softeners smaller steps.

    You can prior to running your positive statement ask your self how much you believe it and rate it on a 0 -10 scale in a similar way to the scale before and after the Click Tracks.(0= absolutely 10= no way). If it is anything over say 5 then rewrite your statement even more softly. You can use it again after the track and see how effective it was. You need to be able to imagine your statement being true without doubting it too much while running the Positive Track. When your statement scores 2 or less then you can move on to a more positive version. Don't take these numbers as precise it is really about feelings. You might get a different score for the same statement on different days. You can of course start off with a series of “PSTEC Positive works for me”  “might work” “will work” to “works every time”. This should help things along or use PSTEC Accelerators.

    If you can say your statement to yourself as an absolute positive without any hint of a “but” afterwards, you absolutely believe it, then you have changed your self, your reality, gaol achieved. How long will it take? No one can answer that, but the journey on the way is a learning process that will be forever useful and beneficial to you.

    Please ask again if you have any more questions or I have not made myself clear enough.
    Please also let us know how you get on.