Reply To: Question about tracks

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Bubbles (Hey that's a fun name!)

    The quick answer is no and probably never going to be. The words work with the clicks and the timings are very precise, so not really replicable with users own words.

    The Click Tracks are designed to remove any emotion from any memory or anticipated future event. They usually work best on more easily defined and focussed issues.

    While the instructions for use of the Click Tracks are simple in practice the level of focus and intensity can make them hard to use. However they need to be, you really need to keep trying as hard as you can to keep your issue in mind while tapping to the clicks. If it were easy it probably would not work. Also you really need to “do the numbers” 0-10 before and after the track. It is important!

    Now for the longer answer. But some questions first. I'm guessing you have tried using the Click Tracks for your “bridge phobia” but not as yet been able to remove it. Am I correct? How many times have you run the Tracks for this issue?

    Assuming yes, then when thinking of your fear before Click Tracking it, is your fear rated 10++ or only say 3 ?

    What aspect of your “phobia” is worse for you, the height of the bridge, the span, whether it is over water, or something else?

    Do you know of any reason for this fear? Some event or accident or memory from your past?

    If you could answer these for me then I will do my best to help you find a way of clearing this issue.