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      Hi guys,

      Is there a blank click track that I can download (without the words)? If so, please let me know where I can find it. I was thinking of using that to record my own voice over it, mimicking Tim's tracks, but mentioning the specific issue that I'm working on. I'm thinking that this might help stay focused on the problem that I'm working on. To be more specific, I have a fear of driving over bridges. I'm thinking of recording the track, mentioning things like 'this fear of driving over bridges'….'feeling the anxiety'…etc….in order to bring up all the feelings. Is this something that anyone has tried or would recommend?
      I'd love to hear your thoughts.

      Thank you!

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi Bubbles (Hey that's a fun name!)

        The quick answer is no and probably never going to be. The words work with the clicks and the timings are very precise, so not really replicable with users own words.

        The Click Tracks are designed to remove any emotion from any memory or anticipated future event. They usually work best on more easily defined and focussed issues.

        While the instructions for use of the Click Tracks are simple in practice the level of focus and intensity can make them hard to use. However they need to be, you really need to keep trying as hard as you can to keep your issue in mind while tapping to the clicks. If it were easy it probably would not work. Also you really need to “do the numbers” 0-10 before and after the track. It is important!

        Now for the longer answer. But some questions first. I'm guessing you have tried using the Click Tracks for your “bridge phobia” but not as yet been able to remove it. Am I correct? How many times have you run the Tracks for this issue?

        Assuming yes, then when thinking of your fear before Click Tracking it, is your fear rated 10++ or only say 3 ?

        What aspect of your “phobia” is worse for you, the height of the bridge, the span, whether it is over water, or something else?

        Do you know of any reason for this fear? Some event or accident or memory from your past?

        If you could answer these for me then I will do my best to help you find a way of clearing this issue.


        PSTEC User

          Hello Peter,

          Thank you for the reply. I understand what you meant about modifying the tracks. I had no idea that they were timed, but now that you mentioned it, it makes sense.

          To answer your questions:

          Yes, you are correct – I've tried using the click tracks for the bridge problem, but haven't made progress. I've used the tracks 3-4 times. My fear before doing the tracks is usually at about 8-9. The aspect of the phobia is a feeling that I can't escape (can't exit the bridge when I want to). Don't know if that makes sense, but I guess that there's no room to pull over if something happens and that stresses me out. There's also a feeling of being unsafe (like floating up in the air at a height with no support underneath). The fear is usually worse before going up the bridge and reaching the top. When I'm going downhill, I'm OK. I don't know any reason for this fear. Maybe I'm afraid of me and my feelings. My body overacts in this situation (pounding heart, muscle tension, shaking) which is highly uncomfortable. I usually develop strange fears when I'm stressed out. When I'm feeling good in my life, all these little fears disappear on their own.

          Thanks again for your time and assistance with this!

          Peter Bunyan
          PSTEC User

            Hi Bubbles

            What I was thinking was for you to sort of tease apart the fear and Click Track the different aspects separately. The two you mention seem to perhaps have deeper fears a sort of Claustrophobia (fear of being trapped or no escape) and a fear of heights. Do Lifts or Elevators worry you?

            Of the few times you have used the Click Tracks you started with a 8-9 score what were the finishing scores?

            It may be that all you need is to keep on Click Tracking the same fear until it reduces. If this takes 10 or 20 sessions, the result would still be worth it. You have had this problem a while, taking a bit more time is not really so bad. This sounds a bit of a non solution but everyone is different and what works for one may not be so effective for another.

            You might find it helpful in order to bring up the feeling before Click Tracking to look at some images of Bridges. There must be plenty on Google.

            You might also consider Click Tracking while remembering some of the actual times when the fear got to you going over bridges. Also what would be your worst bridge nightmare? If you can imagine the worst possible case and everything that could go wrong, going wrong, then Click Track this disaster scenario.

            Hopefully I have given you plenty to think about and things to try. Let us know how you get on. Any more questions, please fire away.


            PSTEC User

              Hi Peter,

              I see where you're going with this. Seems that I have to break things down more and also not give up so soon. I have to admit that I haven't been that focused on rating the feelings before and after. You have given me a lot to work on.

              Thanks again for your help!

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