Reply To: Question about tracks

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Bubbles

    What I was thinking was for you to sort of tease apart the fear and Click Track the different aspects separately. The two you mention seem to perhaps have deeper fears a sort of Claustrophobia (fear of being trapped or no escape) and a fear of heights. Do Lifts or Elevators worry you?

    Of the few times you have used the Click Tracks you started with a 8-9 score what were the finishing scores?

    It may be that all you need is to keep on Click Tracking the same fear until it reduces. If this takes 10 or 20 sessions, the result would still be worth it. You have had this problem a while, taking a bit more time is not really so bad. This sounds a bit of a non solution but everyone is different and what works for one may not be so effective for another.

    You might find it helpful in order to bring up the feeling before Click Tracking to look at some images of Bridges. There must be plenty on Google.

    You might also consider Click Tracking while remembering some of the actual times when the fear got to you going over bridges. Also what would be your worst bridge nightmare? If you can imagine the worst possible case and everything that could go wrong, going wrong, then Click Track this disaster scenario.

    Hopefully I have given you plenty to think about and things to try. Let us know how you get on. Any more questions, please fire away.