Reply To: Where do I start? A bit of background..

Peter Bunyan

    Hi John29

    PSTEC can certainly help, however it seems you have a lot to work on and this might take some time. But you have found PSTEC so you now have a light at the end of the tunnel even if it is only a glimmer, it is something to keep working towards.

    You cannot erase those childhood memories but with PSTEC you can detach the associated feelings and pain. This stops your past influencing your now and potential future.

    Depression is an aspect/facet/component of low self esteem. Low self esteem/self worth can be caused by one single major trauma and/or many smaller traumas and/or a constant drip, drip of negative emotions aimed at you or just being surrounded by when you were young. All children are sensitive. Instead of being surrounded by loving care from your parents you got something less. You were growing up, it became a part of you. Without the love at an early age you do not have the resistance to knocks and setbacks later on in school and beyond.

    However it does not have to remain that way, you can change. You have the desire to, or you would not be here. Also you need hope. In order to build on the hope that you have, listen to some of the PSTEC success stories on the main PSTEC site or my site The range of issues successfully dealt with by PSTEC is truly amazing.

    Download the FREE Wealth of Abundance hypnotic track from my site, no registration or email or anything required. Listen to this every day for a week or more if possible. Do not try doing anything at all while listening. This track will help! It helps build gratitude which is an aspect of high self esteem/self worth.

    Here are a couple of guides from my site Where to start and How to use. You can also keep on asking questions here on the Forum.

    If possible pick a memory that is not the most intense but one you can clearly recall. Try and re-live that memory and keep on trying while running the Click Track. The numbers thing before and after is important. You need to know that it is working for you because the numbers are getting lower. Once you know it works you can more confidently work on the more painful areas because you know the recalling will only be for a short time and soon the pain will be getting less intense.

    Hope this helps, please let us know how you get on.