Reply To: Where do I start? A bit of background..



    Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. Indeed, i suppose i have alot to work on but whilst ive tampered with counselling before, i dont think ive ever really faced or unsurfaced those sitiuations in my childhood properly, that almost became the norm. Instead, maybe ive ony talked about issues at the time that may have actually been exacerbated by early such core beliefs.. A part of me is worried i may not be able to retrace them if i tried. Equally, im hopeful that if i can get back there, as painful as it might be, it may really get to the roots of my relationship anxieties and self esteem/ depression.

    So iv decided IL firstly use that gratitude mp3 you recommended
    and start to experiment with the click tracks. Perhaps, after that i could ask more about the process of going back into those childhood memories and get further advice on the best approach. I hope this is ok with you to catch up with you in a week or so?

    Thanks again,