Reply To: Severe PTSD

Peter Bunyan

    Hi eloith

    Yes using the CTs first is strongly recommended. If you cannot start with that main memory then a “nibbling away around the edges” approach might work for you. CTing any negative emotions that arise when thinking of your Mother or any more distinct memories with less intense feelings. When you have had some success with these then you can start on the main issue when you feel confident that the CT will reduce the emotions.

    So yes keep plugging away but rather than tackle the issue head on, go around it.

    Your subconscious does not much like change. You can also soften it up first by Click Tracking an imagined future where perhaps you are stuck with your issues forever. Such a scenario is probably not a pleasant thought for you. so CT the feelings around it.

    Once you have started a CT try to keep on with that initial issue rather than swap to other things as they come up. This might be hard but it is likely to be more effective. The other things can be placed in the CT queue of things to Click on later. You need the numbers after the CT to be lower, this way you know that it works for you. You need to build the confidence in PSTEC to strengthen it's effectiveness.

    Any more questions, please fire away.