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Sally Baker

    Slightly different take from Peter I guess. I work mainly with PSTEC however I also work with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as an Advanced Practitioner for many years. Yawning in energy work is always seen as a sign of shifting emotions and clearing old cruddy stuff. The closing and open your eyes I always encourage as in hypnotherapy its called fractionation and deepens the trance state so I would say go for it for the length of the track.

    More specifically, you're dealing with a great deal of trauma, much of it from when you were young and felt powerless. It sounds as though you are often in a state of hightened anxiety – flight or fight response. Your skin condition has a recognised stress element to it as I'm sure you are aware. It's challenging to change state while you are in it and you seem to be able to go far enough with your own work with PSTEC to alert your subconscious without being able to stay with the process to gain the resolution you desire. Perhaps consider finding a trained PSTEC therapist in your locality to help direct and focus your work. Sometimes the answers are in the margins of one's awareness, the body language, the omissions and pauses and to find and explore those is much easier when working with someone skilled and intuitive enough to guide your work. Good luck with finding the resolution you seek.