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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Dec

    Sally; thanks for your help.

    The Click Tracks have multiple layers of techniques many running at the same time, this gives power to the suggestions Tim is making. So go with Sally's eye open/close all the way but do not worry about it if you can't for any reason, focus on re-living the emotion and tapping in synch with the Clicks.

    Re smiling: Apologies as yet I still have not listened again to the long 2015 CT which I think is the only place it is mentioned. However what concerns me is you said  “When I'm told to smile I usually force one and then stop”. It is the “force” in this statement, this suggests it reminds you of something bad or unpleasant. Is this the case? If it is then it might be counter productive to even try to smile at this time.

    We are all driven by emotions for some people they are written all over their faces, others are more deadpan. IMO all emotions have a behavioural response they might just be almost unnoticeable from the outside. Because these emotions are so strongly associated with the response they also work the other way. By acting out the physical behaviour it produces the corresponding emotion. So smiling even when unhappy can change the feeling to a more positive emotion. Making the effort to stand tall and look confident can produce the feeling of confidence.

    However if you never learnt the behaviour when young the associations are not there. If like me you had an unhappy childhood you never smiled when young, your parents did not smile, then you might find it difficult to do so now. When I was undergoing CBT for depression I was asked to remember the last time I was happy, I could not recall any such time. Hence even now I find it difficult to smile, but I try!

    Currently you are trying to change yourself. This is something your subconscious tends to resist. In order to help the process along it is beneficial to give your sub some incentive and guidance. You need to imagine yourself in the not to distant future having changed successfully into the person you would like to become and feel how good that would be. Attach the good happier feelings to that vision of yourself. This is something to smile about, associating the good feelings with the behaviour.  Knowing that you will get there. Keep on trying to imagine it. What is the alternative, staying as you are, getting worse? Click Track that thought! Give the future you a target date to happen by, keep it realistic. This is sort of Carrot and Stick with a Roadmap. Push/pull on a time scale. Giving your sub a reason to change, a reward for the time delay.

    Since you are a more organised person than many with a list of things to Click on, then create a list of small rewards, things to treat yourself with when you have done so much Click Tracking and achieved a reduction in those numbers. So although it may get tedious trying to relive unpleasant past memories, you can have something to look forward to in steps as you go along the way to reaching that future you.
    Oh @#*!
    Just noticed this post did not save correctly and I cannot remember exactly how I finished it. Something like…

    …This is the Carrot and Stick with a Roadmap or Push/pull on a time scale approach. Give your sub a reason to change, it is not a punishment or a chore, keep it lighter and call it playtime.

    You seem to be more organised than many with a list of things to Click Track. You can go a step further and create a list of small rewards, treats for when you have finished some CT work and lowered your numbers. These give you more incentive to keep on going step by step a reward for each one.

    Keep us posted on how you get on