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Declan McGuone

    Hi Sally and Peter. Thank you for the replies and info! ;D

    I work mainly with PSTEC however I also work with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as an Advanced Practitioner for many years. Yawning in energy work is always seen as a sign of shifting emotions and clearing old cruddy stuff.

    That's encouraging to know! CTing is the only time I feel sleepy.
    It was through EFT that I found out about PSTEC.  :)

    The closing and open your eyes I always encourage as in hypnotherapy its called fractionation and deepens the trance state so I would say go for it for the length of the track.

    Okay I'll do that.

    Perhaps consider finding a trained PSTEC therapist in your locality to help direct and focus your work. Sometimes the answers are in the margins of one's awareness, the body language, the omissions and pauses and to find and explore those is much easier when working with someone skilled and intuitive enough to guide your work. Good luck with finding the resolution you seek.

    I'll give it a fair go for a month. In the past I started and stopped. If I don't get anywhere I'll try a PSTEC therapist.

    Just a quick point – I haven't found it necessary to work chronologically with clients.. I would recommend you take your list and rate the distress associated with each memory or event from zero to 10. I suggest you focus on the issues with the highest rating and work on those first. How the subconscious handles these memories means you may well find once you have cleared some of the more distressing memories with PSTEC  that the memories with lower distress ratings simply don't bother you the way they used to – and that makes your list less over whelming and quicker to resolve. Bonus

    I'll do that. I have a lot of big ones marked. I haven't rated them (usually I do it just before CTing). I'll go through my list and rate each one before I do anything else.

    Re smiling: Apologies as yet I still have not listened again to the long 2015 CT which I think is the only place it is mentioned. However what concerns me is you said  “When I'm told to smile I usually force one and then stop”. It is the “force” in this statement, this suggests it reminds you of something bad or unpleasant. Is this the case? If it is then it might be counter productive to even try to smile at this time.

    We are all driven by emotions for some people they are written all over their faces, others are more deadpan. IMO all emotions have a behavioural response they might just be almost unnoticeable from the outside. Because these emotions are so strongly associated with the response they also work the other way. By acting out the physical behaviour it produces the corresponding emotion. So smiling even when unhappy can change the feeling to a more positive emotion. Making the effort to stand tall and look confident can produce the feeling of confidence.

    I don't smile much. It is a part that, and part thinking of those memories, I want to cry. It feels the opposite of what I should do. I understand after reading your post, maybe that's why it's important to do it.

    However if you never learnt the behaviour when young the associations are not there. If like me you had an unhappy childhood you never smiled when young, your parents did not smile, then you might find it difficult to do so now. When I was undergoing CBT for depression I was asked to remember the last time I was happy, I could not recall any such time. Hence even now I find it difficult to smile, but I try!

    I had an okay/good childhood until I was six. I smiled before then. Like you, I do find it hard to smile now. Like it's unnatural and my face is resisting. lol.

    You seem to be more organised than many with a list of things to Click Track. You can go a step further and create a list of small rewards, treats for when you have finished some CT work and lowered your numbers. These give you more incentive to keep on going step by step a reward for each one.

    I like this idea. I'll think of some way I can reward myself so I stay on plan.

    Btw I listened to the long track and this is the smile instruction.

    And now you can smile. So smile right now. Soon you'll notice a really great feeling of release, as you notice you're becoming more relaxed and more calm.

    It's just after 16mins 20secs into the long tracks. I don't believe he mentions smiling again (at least on the main voice track). Does that sound like I'm only to smile the once, when told to?

    Also when rating a memory, should I try to feel the bad feelings as much as I can? Like when CTing? For example. If you asked me how bad a memory feels to me today, I may say it feels like a 5. But if I really tried to remember the details, how I felt at the time, what was going through my head (as I do when CTing), it could jump to a 10. Which would be the correct rating to give?