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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Dec

    Re smiling instruction on the long 2015 CT. Thanks for the track time you gave. Prior to this suggestion Tim is suggesting that you feel OK, safe and better. So you should be able to feel like smiling because you feel better. If you are still having to make your fascial muscles work and place a fixed smile on, just because you feel like you have been told to, then this is probably not the right thing to do. If at this point in the track you are still not believing Tim's suggestions and you are not feeling better then perhaps using the eef CTs on Level 1 might work better for you. You want the smiling to be naturally generated by thinking of a better future, if at this point in time you only feel a slightly warmer glow inside but not yet able to smile then don't IMO force it. Really knowing and believing things will get better for you because you can imagine it as vividly as you can those past memories is where you want to get to. Believing the CTing is part of getting you there, is part of getting you there. This is a loop of thinking, if you keep on finding the CTs are not working then it can break this loop. However bear in mind the hardest part of the journey is just before the breakthrough and getting over the tipping point so persistence is also required. As long as you feel that what you are doing will eventually get you there then stick with it and you will.

    The object of the CTs is to remove negative emotions from the memories. The more clearly you can recall the memory and feelings before running the CT the more likely the CT is to work. On this basis using the number your sub has provided just before running the CT is the right one. If it is a ten then you definitely need to CT it.

    Hopefully I have made this clear enough for you.