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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Hmunachi

    Your subconscious knows the origin of your issues even if you cannot consciously recall it. So having just listened again to the CR tutorial, here are a few thoughts:
    Focus on the feelings of anxiety that precede the stutter while tapping along with the CR. More recent occurrences that produce embarrassment try Click Tracking first. In fact Click Track any negative feelings from any past situations stutter related or not, first.
    The technique of building a worst case scenario to Click Track is not one to use for CR as the scenario is already in the future so IMO a more difficult a thing to post further forward into the future.
    PSTEC products work best is you accept and go along with Tim's voice and suggestions. If you find yourself being critical or trying to analyse what is going on at the same time then they will be less effective. Even if you do not think they will work it is better to suspend belief for a while and see if it works afterwards. A bit like watching a movie, you know that it is not real but you can let go and get involved emotionally with the story, Get frightened with a horror film or excited in an action scene, surprised or even go all sentimental with a romance. The emotion is in the moment or until the climax of the story, not after the film as finished because it is after all just entertainment. Investing a lot of emotion into the outcome, a sort of desperation that it has to work, it's got to work, is also counter productive. Absolute faith that it will work is best but not so easy to come by.

    Hope this helps