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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Hmunachi

    Stuttering is a problem in the subconscious. We know this because it is an outcome of the anxiety, which is clearly a feeling. More accurately IMO a number of feelings or fears flipping through faster than you can think about it. This suggests the tools to use are the Click Tracks. The social anxiety and stuttering are almost certainly related and stem from the same cause. Do you remember a single event from which it all started? Or a series of related events? Have you always felt like this as  far as you can remember? Your answers to these questions might give me a clue as to the best way forward.
    You might consider trying to teasing apart exactly what the  components are of your anxiety, then Click Track each part. Are you OK with single people or is it groups? Are you OK until someone looks at you? Is it worse with males or females? Is it worse when they walk towards you? These sorts of things are possible. Fear of speaking, is it that you feel you might sound stupid or some such? Fear that you do not know what to say or that you might “dry up”? Fear that they will mock you? All these different scenarios and flavors of fear getting you stressed and anxious. If this or something like it are your problem then you can also consider building a worst case future scenario of possible aspects. all the things that make it worse coming together.  Then run this scenario in your mind and Click Track it.

    Get back to us soon