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Harrison Munachi

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your speedy reply, my stuttering has been quite a strange one in the sense that i have moments where i have improved/normal fluency which makes my really confident and as a result improve my fluency even more.

    There is no explicit time in my mind that i can remember not being a stutterer, my big brother had/has a bit of a stutter and i remember teasing him when we were little, but i have always had normal fluency up until my teenage years but even before then i would stutter on the occasional word, but i though nothing of it because it never affected my social life.

    There also isn't a particular social environment where i find my fluency struggles it all seems sporadic and more importantly i don't always have to be anxious to stutter, sometimes i find myself stuttering in the middle of telling a funny story while laughing through it which is why i have struggled with using the click tracks because although the thought of stuttering does make me slightly anxious, i have tried to accept the fact that i am a stutterer and other people's reaction to my speech doesn't make me embarrassed. I just feel that it is really limiting my social life as well as career prospects. I would just like to actively try whatever i can to get back to the level of fluency i had prior to my teens.

    Also, i noticed that Tim has released a 2015 click track, i have been using the free click tracks and wonder if the 2015 ones might be more effective perhaps.