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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Hmunachi

    Not so much that, more that CR may not be the best tool for stuttering in your particular case. The paid for Click Tracks are more effective in many cases. Which CTs though is a more difficult question as they appear to have a very mixed response. What works better for some people may not for others. The Enhanced CTs on Level1 also come with PSTEC Positive which is another tool you might find helpful at some point. The 2015 CTs come in different lengths and another track that can help combine multiple related memories or related feelings from different memories into one Click Track session. If you can clearly remember a number of different times that the stuttering has been a problem then perhaps 2015 if they have already blurred into one bigger problem then Level 1.

    If possible I would try to get you to remember that first time you copied your brother and the feelings you had at that time. Were you just learning from him or was there some other reason. Perhaps his stutter gained some extra attention on one occasion from your parents and when young you wanted some more of that for yourself so you copied and perhaps gave it a bit more, this was so successful you just kept on working it. Going back so far might need hypnotic regression which is not a part of PSTEC.