Reply To: Anxiety cured with PSTEC?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Mahalo, Paul, for your kind words!

    Great illustration Paul… it's the consistency… the diligence that brings about permanent shifts and strong establishment of a new mind model.

    Unfortunately, most look for a “pill” … or a track  ;)  … that will cure the ills with a run or two and for a particular issue that may be true, like some phobias or a specific memory.  But, it's our diligence in caring for our mind that is essential.  So often, we want to get fixed and run out continuing what we did before.  You see, it's not just about being at ease, but also shifting the thoughts, the words, the behaviors that bring that ease… and at the true core of it all is Who and What we believe we are!

    Anxiety and panic attacks are not usually specific but a generalized response to seeing the world as dangerous.  It takes us, for most, years to accomplish these tasks of reacting instantaneously to certain (or many) stimuli in a fearful way with incredible strength!  Take your time and be sure to pour over Tim's tutorials and immerse yourself in how to use the PSTEC Tools.  And, don't hesitate to get someone to help you in session, in person, if needed!

    Don't take the red or the blue pill  :D  … immerse yourself with Tim, get some guidance and be diligent!!

    Aloha nui!