Reply To: Anxiety cured with PSTEC?

Evan Bageris

      What a wonderful thread.  There are good people out there, and one is never alone.
    That being said, I think you meant well Sydney, but it is important to remember that your experience will not be everybody's, and this is especially applicable to Pstec.  In fact what sets Pstec apart from any other therapy is that is not about plugging away at some therapy that has no real scientific proof behind it and is almost designed ro be agonizingly slow if it helps at all.  The reason Tim does so many recordings is to teach, empower and inspire the listener by explaining none of this been done before so you can throw out old limiting beliefs that you may have like, “therapy is slow and boring but if you just keep showing up some day you'll feel a bit better.”  I can't think of anything less motivating and more of a downer for someone who is suffering from a problem that they need relief fro yesterday, preferably.  And while Tim does use regression Iam not sure he can shift time but he and pstec can work incredibly fast as they work on the mind model, and it makes sense that the original event happened in a moment and there is no reason that the healing should take be drawn out over years.  But if a therapist is not getting through the critical factor and then crossing the tipping point there will be no change.  PsTec is not offering more of the same old ineffective techniques that have rendered traditional therapy random, slow and often totally Ineffective. Listen to the advanced audios and the more you understand what it is that sets pstec apart the more empowering, exciting and enthusiastic you can be when cheering some on who is new to all of this. Just the sense I got from your comment,  others might call it inspiring and optimistic.