Reply To: Cravings for cooked food and pizza, hate to drink water

Peter Bunyan

    Hi bodycodehealer

    The first thing that comes into my mind on reading your post is “why do you want to be a raw foodie” not that I have anything against it, it is more that you seem to be in some doubt yourself. Rather than think in terms of “giving up” cooked food you need to focus on all the reasons that it is good for you. Furthermore you need to invest some good feelings with this goal, thinking in terms of how “yummy” this real food is, all the great flavours that you can now appreciate more. This also gives you some way creating Positive statements, “All this raw food tastes great”. The concept of getting back to a healthier digestive issue free past is great, but it is rather an intellectual idea that needs some good feelings behind it for you subconscious to take notice. So what were the good things about food in Ecuador?

    The cravings can be your body saying it needs more of certain macro nutients, more fats or carbs, or it could be withdrawal from sugars. Raw quick fixes for such cravings might be apples and bananas or a handful of nuts (not peanuts). Generally raw foods will be much lower in calories so you can eat as much as you like. The Standard American Diet (SAD) contains a lot of grains particularly wheat. Wheat gluten is well known for producing digestive issues. Bread, cakes, biscuits,pastry, pasta and yes pizza bases all might be the problem. Also these are quickly turned into sugars by your body, they give a quick rise in blood sugar levels so you feel full quickly but it does not last long. So you go back for more!

    Back to PSTEC the best use for Negative might be that “I hate drinking water” a statement like “I believe I hate drinking plain water” or similar might do the trick. As counter statements, you like drinking beer which is mainly water, even the raw foods are mainly water, you need water to live, and more.

    Use the Click Tracks for the stresses that help drive the cravings. The problems with your wife being on a different diet, the jokey comments from others, the overwhelm of too much to do.

    Personally I subscribe to the moderate “Paleo diet” model from Primal Blueprint and Mark Sissons blog . Been on this for a few years now and can almost walk around a supermarket now and not “see” all the junk food on offer and just buy the real food.

    Lots more but I will leave it there for now.