Reply To: Cravings for cooked food and pizza, hate to drink water


    Thanks for the replies,

    The food in ecuador, it was fresh, sparkly is what comes to mind as in, more flavor to the fruits and vegetables. I did a PP “Raw is fresh” 1x , “Raw is Sparkly” 1x, “Raw is Exciting”, “Raw is Peace”, and a PN on “Ashamed of Raw”. As for paul's suggestion, I did “Rejecting food is peace” 1x and “Its ok to turn down food” 1x because I need to be at peace with rejecting offers of food each day. When I eat raw there is harmony within, as in, I have 1-2 bowel movements a day, instead of zero to one or one a day only, while taking laxatives. As for justification, I only have to look at my whole entire life. Why do I have crappy health at the young age of 30? It could only have everything to do with being raised in a household with a single mother who did not cook, and eating fast food every day for the better part of 3 decades. The best I ever felt physically in life was when I was juicing carrots every day. So I just started to do that again. My mom always treats raw food with scorn which is why I did the PN on “Ashamed of Raw.” She thinks if I eat lots of fruit I will get diabetes, which is untrue, because the sugar within nature's fruit is completely different to our bodies than the sugar that is processed and refined. At least within my mind, I have been programmed in the past to eat fast food. Unfortunately. The way I know that cooked processed food is bad for me is very simple. within minutes of eating it, I get the sniffles. Also the next day I will wake up feeling horrible if I ate too much cooked food the day before. Sometimes I have been sensitive to cleaning chemicals in the past but that hasn't happened in the past couple years but then again I have been doing a cleaner diet and enough colonics to pretty much make things better. I also go to a naturopath once a year and get my blood looked at under a microscope (its called dark field microscopy, its a live blood analysis) and she said that I have diverticuli last time I went, which is pretty much pockets inside your gut where food rots.

    The food specific program you mentioned Paul, I believe is the one I already have which includes fad breaker. I already used fad breaker on burgers and it took about 5 tries of sitting down in front of the burger and running the track, but I already got rid of one bad thing with it. So i know it works! Just have to do the same thing with burritos, sushi, sandwiches, pizza and I think I'll be golden!

    The reason I am unmotivated I think, is resentment. Over the past 9 years since health has become a real problem for me (reducing the amt of schoolwork I can get done, reducing my work capacity to part-time, causing mental fatigue) I have researched the hell out of massage, chiropractic, herbs, posture pump, chi machine, neuromuscular re-education by levy, acupuncture and energy work including theta, body code and metaphysical anatomy. I am a massage therapist. It angers me that after all that, it all comes down to me – as in, there is nothing I can do but change what I ingest each and every day. And I was raised on fast food, meat every day and almost every meal. So yes there is resentment I wish I could just make this problem go away. I think i resent myself for not handling things differently in the past. I've always believed if there is a problem with my health, *I* must have done something to cause it. The reality is that it took me decades to dig myself into a dietary hole and it may take just as long to work my way out of that including incorporating new habits.

    Right now I eat 1-2 meals a day cooked and 1-2 meals a day raw. I already feel the improvement. I will try to keep this post updated with my progress, that will help motivate me to continue!