Reply To: Cravings for cooked food and pizza, hate to drink water

Paul McCabe
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    You're welcome  :)

    It'll be great to see the progress you make with this.

    One thing I'd like to suggest, however, is the issue you're having with the cravings  might be a symptom  of the “real problem.” When people have a fear of public speaking, for example, that's often a symptom of a bigger issue. Same issue with giving up addictions – invariably something in our subconscious predisposed us to getting hooked on something. In a similar issue, I have a feeling that the issue you've presented here might be showing up as you haven't discovered the source of your issue.

    The issue could be about your relationship with your Mom. She raised you to eat certain foods and you decided to pursue a different type of food. It's possible that your Mom feels threatened by that or interprets it as a criticism of the way she raised you. It doesn't mean it is, of course, but your Mom's scorn could just be a sign that she wants to assert her authority. Perhaps she feels that, if you follow your own approach, it'll affect your bond. Also, she could just be trying to protect you.

    The key thing here is: how do you feel when your Mom ctiticises how you live your life? If you experience any negative emotions when recalling or predicting this criticism, the Click Tracks are there to help you dissolve these feelings.

    You've mentioned shame, anger and resentment. Those are heavy emotions and being free of the unhealthy effects of them will be life-changing. What will you be able to achieve when you're not consumed with these emotions?

    That's your vision right there. Find your “why”, as it were. Why do you want to follow a certain diet? Why do want more energy? Why do you want to obliterate the undesired emotion? Once you clearly define this, you'll be able to come up with some brilliant and laser-focused Positive suggestions.

    I'd suggest the following too:

    – “From now on, I completely trust my own instincts.”

    – “I forgive myself for any mistakes I made in the past.”

    – “I let myself become a better person every day.”

    – “I make good, strong decisions.”

    – “As my mind becomes healed, so too will my body..”

    I hope these suggestions help and I look forward to reading your progress.

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