Reply To: Cravings for cooked food and pizza, hate to drink water

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Paul & bodycodehealer

    Paul: Thanks for your contributions, with some great suggestions.

    bodycodehealer: Thanks for getting back to us and it is good to hear that you are making some progress.

    Firstly everything to do with food is about feelings. Rationality and logic are ignored. If they were involved then your desire for better health would overrule your desire for pizza. If they were involved you would have to work out what to eat, when, and why. But you eat because you feeel  hungry. With this in mind the PSTEC tools to use are the Click Tracks. You mentioned resentment, its a feeling and so Clickable. You also have had some success with “It's OK to turn down food”. You were brought up on cooked food as a child so the things your parents said about food and mealtime behaviors are a part of you and therefore resistant to change, because it becomes changing who you are, part of your identity. For this reason it is a good idea to think about yourself as a person who has successfully transitioned to raw food, even though you may not quite be there yet. Imagine you have and how good being healthy feels. Keep on imagining it! As often as you can in order to become it. Every time you do manage to turn down cooked food you get a step closer.

    If your parents said things like “Clean your plate or won't get any sweet course” or “Think of all those starving children in Africa” or similar then Click Track the strongest of those memories. If you can still hear in you head your parents saying something like this then use PSTEC negative on those. This might be where the resentment comes from being “forced” to eat as a kid.

    There is still so much more to say, but again I will leave it there and perhaps some others will join in.