Reply To: PSTEC vs mindfulness

Peter Bunyan

    Hi psteckie

    The PSTEC Click Tracks de-associate feelings/emotions from memories and anticipated future events. Breaking the habit if you like, but with the powerful assistance of PSTEC. With mindfulness you are attempting to do a similar thing without the assistance, sort of manually on your own. Both work, your choice!

    With only the brief details given in your post I would suggest using the Click Tracks while focusing on the woman concerned and your feeling towards her. The 0-10 scale before and after is important as I suggest repeating the Click Tracks until you get the score down to 1 or less. Because you see her so often I would try and do this over the weekend starting Friday night. If you have a photo of her you can keep this in front of you while running the Click Track so you see this as you open and close your eyes. This process can be strenghtened with the Enhanced Click Tracks from Level 1 and the Accelerators. You can also Click Track memories of a precise date or dates where things went well for you.

    If your obsession returns after this sort of treatment then the issue is not her but another desire which just happens to fixate upon her. If this is the case then I would expect that if your desire for her ceases then another woman would replace her. This would entail looking further back into your past to find the reason.

    Hope this helps