Reply To: PSTEC vs mindfulness


    Having done both, I like the idea of using both – you don't have to give up one for the other.  I've used the observing the awful thoughts and feelings and it seems to take away a lot of the edge for using PSTEC directly afterwards.  A lot of useless anxiety is dealt with so you can get further on with what's released with PSTEC CTs.

    In using the mindful observing it helps me that PSTEC goes on to do something about what's brought up instead of sitting there not quite knowing how to process it.

    Having said that, sometimes PSTEC can leave me feeling rattled if the emotions are too intense and I don't want to keep CTing.  Mindfulness meditation afterwards can provide the quietness (and PSTEC sure ain't quiet) to hear that still small voice helping to understand it.  So I guess it's mix match between the two.