Reply To: Panic Attack when Trading

Peter Bunyan

    Hi mockyboy

    Anxiety most likely caused by fears leading to stress which unrelieved has a reaction we call anxiety.

    Whatever the reason I suggest working with the Click Tracks first. Click Track some recent memories of trades where you felt the anxiety. Do not worry if you cannot bring up the feeling just try and recall the actual event in as much detail as possible in your mind. Do remember to do the 0-10 thing before and after. Next imagine the worst possible outcome of say a long string of bad trades. Imagine that possible future again in as much detail as possible and run the Click Track with this visualization. Imagine the anxiety/panic occurring in these scenarios again even if you cannot recreate it.

    Don't know if it is  doable for you but get away from the screens and walk around preferable outside as often as possible. The risks may not be large but the stress accumulates to reach a breaking point. Also Click Track that anger about not being able to trade.

    With trading it is not just the financial gain or loss but your reputation, what others think about you that is on the line. Others might think more or less of you as a person for your trading history. That is it might be your self esteem/self worth that is at stake.

    Let us know how you get on, with a progress report soon.
    If you have any more questions, please get back to us.