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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hello Going4Better.

    The usual disclaimers apply here, but I personally experienced  a leg injury earlier in the week and was in agonising pain. I could barely move my leg afterwards.

    I tried pain medication and sprays to numb the pain. Nothing worked. The pain and discomfort remained.

    I then played the PSTEC pain track (from the Advanced audio program) and, to my amazement, the pain and discomfort  diminished. I have had great results with PSTEC, but this was so quick and astonishing. I played the track again and the pain and discomfort vanished.

    I mention this because it's a recent experience and also because, with PSTEC and your own belief system, I genuinely do believe that nearly anything is possible.

    Without knowing what the condition is, I would always recommend working on the emotions first. I wish you well on your healing.

    How do/did you feel when your research and the doctors suggested your condition couldn't be healed? Is there any sadness or resignation there? If so, I'd recommend click tracking those down to 0.

    Another overlooked aspect of life is that we're programmed to feel a certain way, told what to feel and how we SHOULD react.

    Some people will mean well when they assure us “you must feel awful about that” (a powerfully negative suggestion), but we actually do not have to feel anything. We feel things based on the meaning we apply to events and how we are conditioned to feel. In my opinion, miracles happen when we challenge these conventions: when we eliminate the negative beliefs and emotions and recondition ourselves.

    Many of us assume that, because we get “bad news” or a bad outcome, that we SHOULD feel bad and that this is intrinsic to the events. Yet lots of people experience great joy in life, even when things aren't going their way.

    I'm not, by any means, telling you what to believe or to deny your feelings but would definitely recommend working systematically on neutralising any undesirable emotions you experience. You've already seen what's possible with PSTEC and this is an opportunity to experience even more joy.

    After working on all emotional aspects of the condition and the accompanying prognosis, you might look to programme in some positive suggestions using PSTEC Positive. For example, you could use “I choose to feel good”, “I create my own destiny”, “I let myself appreciate all life offers” might be beneficial for you.

    If you need me to clarify anything, please let me know.

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