Reply To: Physical health problem

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Going4Better & Paul

    Going4Better – I am sorry to hear about your problems and although they may be incurable and degenerative I am sure PSTEC can help in some way. Pain reduction as described by Paul and reducing the fear and worry about your future, leaving you more able to live for the present, are points that spring to mind.

    Tim was inspired to create PSTEC in order to help his wife get through transplant surgery. The doctors were amazed at the speed of her recovery. Tim does not do as much as he would like to develop PSTEC as he is still caring for her after several transplants. Listen to her story here. Clearly this was not just something in his wife's mind but physical. There is no issue that is just “in the head” or just physical. Your mind and body are not separate they are the same thing. One inside, one outside view. There may not be PSTEC tools for “physical ailments” but the main tools are general purpose to help with all conditions from the inside. Other physical therapies as well as lifestyle changes to diet and exercise can complement PSTEC by working more outside inwards, as well as pharmaceutical interventions.

    A broken leg may seem like a physical injury but the pain, fear and stress or trauma are more than just that. By alleviating the mental stress and pain with say PSTEC your body will heal more quickly.

    A doctors diagnosis of degenerative and incurable while undoubtedly correct is also traumatic to your mind and this is where perhaps PSTEC can help. By making your life despite the issues more worth living and perhaps, who knows, even help slow down the rate of degeneration.