Reply To: PSTEC Positive Affirmations

Peter Bunyan

    Hi radioheadalways (Hmm! I wonder what your favourite band is?)

    Affirmations or PSTEC positive statements?
    If you have to spend time reading it then perhaps it is too long. Affirmations work by constant repetition, seeing it many times each day until you become to believe it. You need to be able to take it in at a glance. Longer affirmations like your suggestions might be better meditated upon in a longer session, where you can spend time imagining and feeling what it is like to have achieved that affirmation. Better still do both. Meditate and have the affirmation written down and placed all over your house and place of work (if allowed), where you will see it, time and time again.

    PSTEC Positive statements absolutely need to be short and simple. Repeat one at least a few times before moving on to another.