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Peter Bunyan

    Hi plus1g

    Your result sounds good but the real test is whether the belief springs to mind in response to a trigger circumstance. Example  you may have some across a situation where the conversation turns to numbers or accounts and some one says “I'm no good at maths”. This belief has clearly been established for some time in that person and they have repeated it without thinking many times. The belief trotted out in an automatic response to a trigger situation. This sort of belief is where PSTEC Negative is really useful. You might be able to remember sayings your parents said like “money doesn't grow on trees” or at mealtimes “clear your plate, think of all those starving kids in Africa”. These underlie all sorts of emotional and life issues later in life. They are great targets for PSTEC negative.

    Your list of of universal beliefs is good and you could use any that give you a strong emotional response, be aware though that the words that come into your mind often are in some sort of defensive almost sociably acceptable format, used as a kind of procrastination, excuses if you like. Being “no good at maths” like it was a genetic inheritance, where as “I am a bad Father” is not something most Fathers would like to publicly admit to.

    All of those beliefs arise from  a sense of low self esteem/worth. They are more than just a string of words they represent emotions. So Click Track those negative feelings before using Negative or Positive.

    With ADHD you probably had a difficult social and educational upbringing and presented your peers and teachers with many opportunities to “put you down” and so knock down your self worth.

    Do not allow yourself to use the label ADHD as an excuse for any poor performance, if you do then you are lowering your own self worth, sort of justifying it. You want to feel proud of who you are and feel good about yourself including your ADHD. Anyone who puts you down because of it is just trying to improve their own self worth at the expense of yours. If you have not already done so, download “Wealth of Abundance” from my site  no sign up or email required. This is a hypnotic track from Tim about improving gratitude and hence self worth. Listen to it once a day for a number of days in a row.

    Hope this all makes sense to you