Reply To: Question about "I’m not good enough"

Peter Bunyan


    We repeat behaviours time and time again without conscious thought as habits. These habits are triggered by some other input which might be another habit. A belief is a habit of thought, a string of words that come to mind and often said without conscious thought. Your subconscious is faster than your conscious  mind. So although the generic “I am not good enough” can be accurate the actual words that you say might not be exactly those. In trying to remove a belief it is probably more effective to use the words and phrases you say to yourself rather than the generic even though you feel it is true. That generic represents a feeling an emotion and the tools to use for removing unwanted emotions are the Click Tracks. If that generic resonates with you, then try and recall any incidents that gave rise to those feelings and run the Click Tracks with an incident in mind (or group of if using CT 2015). When you have the 0-10 count down to a low figure then if you still find that belief coming to mind then use PSTEC Negative on it. Adding the opposite positive can help the process along but the Positive statement also represents feelings, it has to be more than a constructed string of words but something that resonates with good feelings for you. More than something you think you should have or be because others have told you. Something you really want for you!

    Because PSTEC products are designed for self use by most people they have been kept as simple to use as possible and generally work best with a narrow focus on one defined target at a time. So yes it might be best for you to repeat the process with different variations “to shine. speak out, make big bucks etc”.