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Paul McCabe
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    Hi plus1g

    The test of whether you hold a belief is to say the words out loud. If saying “I'm not good enough” feels uncomfortable or “true”, that's the sign you hold the belief (even if you actually rationalise that you shouldn't or couldn't hold the belief).

    As Peter has advised, see whichever words capture the essence of your experience and the beliefs you wish to eliminate. However, in my experience, the essence of the belief is what is most important.

    Also, when you use PSTEC Negative, make sure you logically counter the beliefs. “I'm not good enough” would be best countered with things like “I might not have felt good enough, but that doesn't mean I'm not a good enough person” or “maybe some people thought I wasn't good enough, but they were wrong” or “maybe I didn't do well enough at that time, but that doesn't mean I'M not good enough.”

    Limiting self-concept beliefs like “I'm not good enough” cannot really be logically countered with something like “I'm good enough at swimming.” This is because the belief is not about skills, achievements or talents, per se.

    “I'm not good enough” or “I'll never measure up/amount to anything” are beliefs about someone's essence, how they see themselves in the world and how they (often subconsciously) describe their experience of and expectations in life.

    “I'm not good enough” is the CORE belief. Someone can still achieve great things, have great relationships, have fun but still (on some level) experience “I'm not good enough” as a person.  Holding that belief is like trying to run a 100m race whilst also pulling a car. 

    You could , of course, go through each and every skillset (e.g. “I'm not good enough at…”) but I'd suggest that the reason for the emotions/behaviour you wish to change is the “I'M not good enough.” When you eliminate that belief, you'll be amazed how little (if at all) you care about whether you're good enough at x, y or z. You might desire to improve or master a skill, for example, but the negative charge won't be there. When you get that YOU are good enough by eliminating that and other limiting beliefs, your experience of life will change dramatically.

    It's the experience of life that we all want to enjoy. This is filtered through our beliefs and conditions.

    Please let us know how you get on, or if you need some clarification on this.

    There's quite a lot more I want to write about this, but I hope this has helped.

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