Reply To: Removing Speech Patterns – Um, Ah….You Know, OK

Peter Bunyan

    Hi plus1g & Paul

    plus1 – Assuming your voice-over is unscripted then I would expect any “sticking points” to be generated by fear, underlying fears like, fear of running out of words to say, fear of sounding like a fool, fear of nobody wanting to hear what you are saying, fear of making a mistake. These and similar might just be put down to “lack of confidence” but it is really the other way round, the fears are the cause. So Click Track that fear first, before using Positive or Negative.

    Even recording a scripted session it is important to be relaxed in order to sound relaxed. In order to quickly get into a relaxed state you can use the first part of the Click Track to the point where Clicking starts, Focus on a spot on a wall, keep eyes open until told to close them etc.