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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Tombobic,

    There's no “hard and fast” rule on this but, on one of the tutorials, Tim recommended not exhausting yourself.

    CT as much as you comfortably can, but probably best not to get too hung up on getting down to a SUD of 0 on the same day. It can happen, of course, but you'd be fine to come back to it the next day…or when you're comfortable enough to resume. Getting down to a 2 would be an incredible reduction.

    I'd suggest the three key aspects of getting PSTEC to work reliably are: consistency (use it every day, if possible), variety (vary the tracks so you don't become overly familiar with each one) and concentration (be able to concentrate, as best you can, and as though you're listening to the track for the very first time…each time)

    I hope this helps.

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