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Brian Tucker

    To share a little progress with you. I had a little success with respect to this fear of confrontation by clicking away a few past and future scenarios using accelerators and EEF tracks to clear emotions but it sill remained to some extent in other areas of my life.

    I had been looking at the 2015 tracks and decided to try the wrapper track. Here s what I did:

    Day 1: I made a list of about 15 scenarios across my past that immediately jumped out at me when I was hit by fear. I then ran the wrapper track and a few more popped in my head as I listened. Added those to my list. Then ran the wrapper track again using my new list. Then I ran the 30 minute long click track. A few more thoughts came out while I was tapping and I added them into my session on the fly and then added them to my list as I finished.  This made a massive difference and I would say it brought it down to about a 3 out of 10. (I rate it high may be lower for others) I then listened to the long relaxing accelerator. Next day I would say it was about a 2.

    Day 2: A few more popped into my head over the night. I added those to my list. I listened to the wrapper again and a few more came out. I added those to my list and ran the wrapper again. Then I ran the second 30 minute long click track. Once I was done I then played the long relaxing accelerator track and immediately followed it with the short one. As per the instructions I then listened to the long accelerator track when I went to bed and fell asleep to it.

    Last night I was involved in some activities that normally would have hit me with fear. I had none. What I had this time was a light emotion of anger and resentment. I laughed in the face of it because I know now I can wrap that anger up and click it away today.

    Today I would say this fear of confrontation or whatever it is tied to is gone. I do intend to run the same process just one more time to make sure it's eliminated completely. Of course I also notice it takes sometimes a week for my subconscious to shuffle and changes to really kick in so I will continue listening to the accelerator track every night before bed.

    Update – Day 3: Ran the wrapper once and a few more things popped in my mind. Wrote them down to add to my list on my piece of paper. (Once such thing that came up was when I was scared by a bat when I was a kid.) Ran the wrapper a second time, a few more memories popped in. Seems like the wrapper gets me a bit loosened up. Then I ran the first 30 minute long click track. By this run I now have probably 40 things that are not scenes anymore, it is all now just one big long montage of things that I scan through around in my imagination – and stop on each one for a bit – as I try really hard to recreate the feeling of fear and click, but to be honest I can't really create any feelings of fear anymore. Once in a while I will get a super low chill kind of feeling for a second but that's about it. When I get to the part of the track that asks you to smile I'm genuinely beaming, borderline laughing. I then run the long and short long non-tapping accelerator at the end. Tonight I will listen to the long non-tapping accelerator before I go to bed and then I am going to let this all just sit for a week or so and come back with my results. I would say right now I am at a zero.

    Update – Day 4: Everything seemed fine but I started doing some things and I felt like maybe it was slightly coming back. With fear it sits in in my shoulder region and seems to come on a little like the chills then was a full on overtaking of my entire nervous system that paralyzed me. So I felt like that chills part was still slightly there today so I thought I would run it again. Ran the wrapper once and again a few more things popped in my mind to add in. Ran the wrapper a second time, and by this time everything seems like it's just one big scene all tied together there is not even any separation between them anymore. My subconscious has clearly grouped these all together now. Then I ran the second 30 minute long click track. I would say about 15 minutes in those feelings pretty much go away again. Difference being on the last few runs I would have to push hard to recreate the emotion. It is so dim now I can't even hardly recreate it and I am pretty relaxed as I am doing it now whereas when I started with the first session a few days ago I was straining and stressed to create it. I finished with the long relaxing non-tapping accelerator again.

    Now that the fear is pretty much gone I am looking at these events in a completely different way. They all now seem silly and insignificant and a lot of them I just laugh at. I have decided if I get a slight bit back on the fear, I will only run the medium track and/or the short track against it until it is gone for the session rather than running the entire 30 minute it on it again because it is not needed.

    Update – Day 4 a few hours later: I some feelings of anger are surfacing against a few of the events now that the fear has subsided and so I plan to click this anger away next. I suspect the fear was so strong it was masking the anger and/or they could be intertwined. I will provide more info as I go on the anger.

    I get in the shower where my intuition always speaks loud and clear to me. I feel a smidge of fear come back and my intuition tells me the fear of confrontation is gone but this remaining fear is of abandonment. So I will continue clicking on fear again but I will swap out all of my scenes for those with past relationships etc. and run a series of sessions and report back on this as well.


    All I can say is the 2015 with the wrapper for me is the ticket. I find the tracks easy to follow and I find them really powerful. My mind drifted a lot with the one off tracks (basic, EEF etc) and this one allows me to keep my mind busy the whole time and take out everything I put in the wrapper “bag” associated with that emotion.

    My brother, sister and mother all have this same program. My mother is interested in this as we share a lot of talk about this type of stuff since we know this programming can be passed on by generations and she is interested to try clearing this herself. We are going to do that and I will update this thread.

    Obviously this fear within me was quite strong and once removed other emotions now surface that it has covered up and/or been linked to.

    I am working my way through each of the major emotions and or the causes one by one. Here is my list others may want to consider in no particular order but we know fear is usually the most common one followed by anger so why not start there?

    Self Pity
    Self Righteousness