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Brian Tucker

    Update – Day 5: Rather than move to fear of abandonment, today my intuition told me to switch to sadness.

    I wrote a list of every breakup I have had in my life – which were all very painful – and a few more abandonment events that were associated with the same type of emotion in a pattern.

    Ran the wrapper once and again a few more things popped in my mind to add in.

    Ran the wrapper a second time, and by this time everything seems like it's just very quickly one big scene all tied together so my subconscious must really be starting to loosen up.

    Ran the second 30 minute long click track. I finished with the long relaxing non-tapping accelerator again. I would say that emotion/experience is down to a 3 now, it;s pretty hard to recreate  – again I rank mine higher – but I want it “gone, gone, gone like it was never even ever there.” :)

    I have some things going on in my life and in just the last few days the outlook I have had on them is at now at a completely different perspective with the fear of confrontation and now the sadness/pain being stripped off of these experiences. The seriousness train of thought I had has dissipated drastically and in many instances I am laughing at things that were previously causing me strife and pain.

    I am going to keep going through all of the different emotions on these events as they come to me intuitively. Will keep you updated as to how this continues to lower my overall fear. Will move to the abandonment fear next but thought I would shift to sadness first to see what happens by clearing it completely.