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Brian Tucker

    Update – Day 6: I woke up feeling great full of energy today, first time I have really felt great in a long time when waking up – as long as I can remember since I was a kid.

    So again today, I ran the wrapper and 30 min 2015 track on “sadness” again and it got pretty low. I hate to put a description on this emotion because words cant really describe it. It;s that feeling when you go through a breakup and you are in pain.

    Next I decided to run the wrapper one more time and I added in all of the scenes where those same girlfriends left me for someone else. After I finished this it was down to nothing. It was like the scenes were all one big scene again but very distant and the emotions were that of what would fit on a pinhead. It was to the point where i could not even recreate it if I tried and I was laying on my bed even now forcing myself to try to relax and recreate it – this in addition to trying hard because trying hard was not giving me any feeling anymore (just like Tim says in the suggestions)

    I also had another experience today which is closely related to this same emotion so I came home and immediately ran it on that scene and a few similar scenes as well.

    All of the subconscious changes are starting to unwind and shuffle nicely and I am feeling even better than I did before. I am making it a habit now to keep a spreadsheet of everything that comes to mind and tracking it all – then looking for other similar patterns. It seems as if that pattern is all tied to the same emotion and or the emotion can be spotted across pattern and I try to throw in any significant events I can remember as a kid in the wrapper and as I tap. What I feel is that that pattern could very well be tied to the same belief(s).

    I now have this pulsing nervousness that comes and goes in my stomach. I used to think it was my intuition telling me something was about to happen – but now I am thinking it is just another low level type of fear in a different part of my body. I am going to try clicking on it…Wondering if anyone else has had this before? It's like butterflies pulsing in your stomach.

    As the big layers come off I start to see so many other emotions so much more clearly now so it will be easy for me to click them away. I also look at everything so much different once the fear has been removed from it – I can look at it completely objective as if I am no longer a part of it because I have unhooked the emotion and ultimately myself.

    More to come…