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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Paul

    When talking of Positive and Negatives in relation to the mind then they are not literal polar opposites. Because to be literal requires conscious level thought in language with rational logic whereas we are trying to change emotions that are created below consciousness in the subconscious. The subconscious is the older animal part of our nature and evolved long before human level consciousness arrived. The more primitive mind only notices and sees what is there and if it is not noticed by any senses then it does not exist, literally seeing is believing. With our human conscious mind that is more sophisticated we can work out the difference say between need and desire and can imagine something not being there and anticipate loss. So yes while you have some resonance with a negatively framed positive it is not so likely to change the underlying problem emotion than a positively framed statement. With PSTEC Positive you are trying to give instructions to your sub, “this is what I want, make it so!” By using a negatively framed positive you are saying to yourself “make it so, without this” which you might really desire only your sub cannot  understand the “without”. Because of the complexities of your emotions around the statement it might still work for you but I cannot recommend it. Generally keep it positive, keep it simple.

    Paul keep in  mind I write here for all others reading this who might well be newbies to PSTEC and the ways of the mind.

    Approval is where self esteem/worth is based upon other peoples judgement. Need for approval is a sign of low self esteem/worth.

    Need v Desire. Needs are strong emotions that are fulfilled immediately without thought. (Strong frustration possibly anger if blocked) Desires are anticipated needs that are weaker that we can wait for but would rather have fulfilled sooner. There are probably many other ways of looking at this and so easy to get tied up in linguistic knots.

    Does this sound about right to you?