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Brian Tucker

    Last weekend I realized how much emotional click tracking I had done (several hundred hours) in the last few months.

    I took a break for about 6 days to let things just settle down as I had been going through some strong emotional shifts.

    At this point things were relatively stable I decided to install some positive beliefs over the weekend. What started out as a small session snowballed into an mad scientist experiment of installing 45 beliefs over the course of 3 days.

    I started by installing a few around being “calm and relaxed” and the next day I moved to a profound level of feeling calm and relaxed. It as if someone waved a magic wand over me and I was healed. Never have I felt like this before. So hey, I figured I might as well install some more.

    After the 3rd day of installing, the amount of shifting within me was extremely intense, so much I pretty much stayed in bed for a day. I had intense shifting for two more days thereafter and just went with it. It took another two days after that of minor shifting before I was stable again.

    The result has been astonishing. I never imagined I could feel like I do now. I am like a completely new human being in so many aspects of my life I can't even begin to list them.

    The result of this has changed my awareness so much I was able to finally feel and see what is going on at the root of my existence. It all has to do with Shame – Toxic shame, shame based thinking and behavior. It has essentially caused me to lose my self identity and I have found pretty much all of the beliefs and patterns have been created in my life as a result of it. Not only this but the patterns of people I have attracted in my life.

    I'm going to take some time to document everything I have discovered and will provide it in the next post.

    I will put this out there so others can have a fair warning up front. I don't see why anyone can't program in as many beliefs as they want in a day BUT I would suggest they keep them all around one or two areas they want to focus on and keep then very tight for example 1.) loving yourself and 2.) being loveable or another example might be around 1.) feeling safe and secure and 2.) calm and relaxed in tense situations.

    As mentioned, what I experienced was very intense, to the point I don't think the average Joe would want to encounter. It could be physically and mentally debilitating/maddening. My belief is that it was caused by not only the number of beliefs by the wide variety of beliefs. I can't imagine how much recalibrating of the subconscious this caused.

    Each of these were programmed in at least once with either pstec positive, extra positive, an accelerator or multiples of each.

    Here are the beliefs I installed:

    I am calm and relaxed all of the time
    I feel calm and relaxed in all situations
    I am always calm and relaxed
    I love myself more every day
    I love myself all of the time
    I am grateful for everything in my life
    I am happy all the time
    I am comfortable in all situations
    I am comfortable with myself all the time
    I am always safe and secure
    I am fearless in all situations
    I am safe and secure when I am at work
    I am more calm and relaxed every day
    I am fearless and confident when I am at work
    I am a good person
    I am ok with who I am
    I am proud of who I am
    I am proud of myself
    I am proud of my accomplishments
    I am perfect the way I am now
    I appreciate myself
    It's easy being me
    I always think positively
    Everything about me is easy
    I am always having fun
    I am a fun person
    I am having fun all the time
    I can have fun doing anything
    I can always find good meaning in everything
    My world takes care of me
    Everything in my life is easy
    My job is easy
    My life is easy
    My success at work is effortless
    I am a successful and accomplished executive
    I am worthy of success
    I am worthy of my successes
    I can now be ok with selling
    Selling is good for me
    Selling is temporary and helps me succeed
    Selling is easy
    I am successful at work
    I appreciate my job
    I am successful

    I will be back with my refocused approach to my new findings. This is going to be fun and WONDERFUL to be free from!