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Brian Tucker

    A few days ago I decided to paint one of the rooms in my house. Well, I say decided but it was the decisiveness that was the issue! Because I have cleared so many things out, it became very apparent to me that I have a HUGE self-sabatoging perfection program running in me. This became evident when I tried to pick the paint colors, then did not feel happy with the shades, then obsessively second guessing myself as to should I choose a different color, repaint it etc. and then not being able to ask someone for help, then feeling helpless and then beating myself up for not being able to make a decision and feeling overwhelmed.

    So I suddenly thought, hey what a perfect opportunity to clear this from my life! It has taken a few sessions and the release of it has been rather intense – to the point where I have felt physically toxic for a few days as it has been unwinding. I tapped on those toxic feelings and it did help quite a bit.

    Today I can barely feel it working in me and I also felt it fade away over the last few days. What a difference I am feeling overall now! This behavior is also contributing to my shame beliefs that I have been referring to, yes, summary IS coming as soon as I am done painting!

    Once I finished clearing that I started to program in a few positive beliefs to counter it and had a strong feeling of doubt so I decided to clicktrack that and wow that opened up another can of worms of doubt and self-doubt. Plan to let that shake out and will be back with an update. :)