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Brian Tucker

    A few more programs I have discovered and removed using the “why technique”

    A distinct negative “feeling” when someone suggested that I do something to progress my career and/or better myself and even encouraged me to do so. The feeling was “i don't know about that, that's not what I want to do, that doesn't sound like a good idea, what if I fail, what if people make fun of me. that's not me, that's doesn't sound cool” i clicked on the feelings and sure enough it was traced back to a track coach in high school that used to walk me down to the record board every day and encouraged me that I could break a 30 year old record (which I did). Identical feelings, thoughts and scenario – I have just repeated it in life over and over and it has absolutely prevented me from growing.

    A feeling of “procrastination” yes well it is was a fear but instead a program to do everything I want to do except what I am supposed to be doing. Clicked on the feeling again using the why technique and it took me right back to the 8th grade. In this time I was not doing my homework, poor grades and always in trouble, I had unacceptable grades and I was rebelling against my parents. I developed a pattern there of doing everything fun or not associated with my responsibilities first and procrastinate still thereafter or even refuse to do it. Then was the feeling of aw screw it I am already in trouble it doesn't matter at this point. Then I would get behind and get in trouble. My mother also grounded me for 6 months until my grades came up. Every day I had to come home and sit at a desk behind the door in her bedroom and stay there until my homework was done. I refused to do the homework, rebelled, stalled, delayed, made excuses etc. When I clicked on this feeling all of these memories and thoughts came up. All gone. and this was something I struggled with day in and out. I was just doing what I was programmed to do in the past as a kid.

    Helplessness and powerlessness – Again revealed using the technique from events surrounding divorce, living in a new home with brothers and sisters, feeling trapped, stuck, powerless to change my situation so I just accept it and live with it. – This playing out over and over in my job, my finances, my relationships – suffering in excruciating pain of being stuck trapped, powerless and helpless. All gone now.

    As I kept clicking on the previous item, it took me to some deep pain as it was a time that I “escaped” all of this and decided to move in with my father and had to go through the pain of leaving my mother at 12 years old. I had not even looked at this but the events surrounding it were extremely emotional and took me a while to clear. There were feelings of fear, frustration, hatred, anger, crying and just pure pain. All of it is gone now and the relief I have is amazing. I believe these last three have been way down at the core and fueling a lot of the pain I had at work.

    Victim programming – All from being in a band when I was a freshman in high school. The other members of the band decided they wanted to replace me “ganged up on me” “behind my back” and did so. That event led to an extreme energy of being cheated being the victim, anger, resentment etc. All of it is gone now and I couldn't play the victim if I wanted to.

    Temporary jobs or jobs where I am treated “second class”, lots of moves and temporary living arrangements and/or fear of moving aka change – This all went back to the way my stepmother and father treated me  – Second hand clothes, sleeping on hardwood floor in a sleeping bag, bedroom in the garage, excluded from vacations (I never take a vacation because I was excluded or don't feel worthy of one because my mother and stepfather never took one we did not have the money – another one on my list to to remove) – That I am a problem, nuisance, irritation and they do the bare minimum to get him by so we can get him out of here.

    All of these programs in the last few posts do not have a “belief” statement aka “I am now ____ ” with them. They are nothing but patterns from previous events that I am playing over and over again but could never begin to see them or was subconsciously protected form going there. They are “instructions” with “energies” that were installed deep into my subconscious due to the events as a child, all of which I never would have looked at or thought to look at. The only thing I had to go on was a negative “feeling” and using the “why technique”. This technique allows you to see everything in yourself which otherwise you could not. It reveals ALL of our blind spots and massive negative self sabotaging patterns in our life. With this technique a person can become unlimited and unstoppable. You feel the negative feeling and use the technique to remove it from your reality.

    I have been clicktracking a couple hours a day for about 7 months now and using other various tools as described here in this post. (No more anger, no more anxiety, various hypno tracks and thought loops) It has been worth EVERY SINGLE TAP. I can imagine there are people who have tried this and did not see any results. PSTEC is just like going to the gym. You go once, don't see results and quit. Maybe you half-way do is without commitment and don't really see a lot of results. You could do it every day for an hour and using the “why technique” you will absolutely see results in no time at all. A few hours a day for 6 months and you will be like an Olympic champion! 

    There were times I would get frustrated, I would clear that, There were times I would get scared I was going crazy, I cleared that. I would think what if I have really broken something in my mind here, what if I am doing some irreversible frankstein damage LOL. There were times I thought I was being obsessive about doing to much and clicking on every little thing was way over the top, I didn;t listen to myself and instead I cleared that. There were times I felt obsessive, I cleared that. Times when I felt horribly depressed, GONE exhausted and tired GONE even on the brink of giving up GONE, feeling stuck GONE – I clicktracked those feelings too! There were times I was releasing so much emotion and so intensely I could not function FOR DAYS. I listened to the relaxing accelerators sometimes a few times a day just to get through it and even used the Hypnotic Emotional Cleanser track to help with relief to get me though it. Just as Tim describes, it was the times when I really was under intensity that each time it was a breakthrough and immediately got easier when it passed. I just kept going and going.

    I cannot begin to list the number of things in my life that have stopped “out there” as a result of me clearing these things and it will only continue to get better.

    By incorporating the “why technique” I am now able to see what I was blind to, understand what it was in my past that was causing it AND remove the ROOT negative thoughts and feelings from the past (energies) that were retransmititng to attract and replay the negative self-sabatoging patterns over and over again. There is no way I could have ever seen any of this before. I was blown away when I came across many social anxiety issues I would never in a million years thought I had. As a result of clearing these fears of embarrasment, people making fun of me, laughing at me I have experienced all sorts of other social behaviors like cracking jokes, innuendos, sarcasm, interrupting, blurting out etc have disappeared and do not exist in me anymore and there is no thought to even do so or consciously try not to do it. They were crippling me day in and out and I just thought it was “normal”. In fact, I kept saying to myself over all the years “Something is wrong with me, I am not right and I have not felt really good and normal since high school” and I have good feelings now that I have not felt since High School. So many issues I attributed to “ADHD” are all now gone – all of theme were fears or some programs from past events that were just running in the present. Now because I am able to see these massive patterns through instant greater awareness, I am both surprised and relieved when I am able to see it and what caused it. I just laugh as I see it and experience the newfound relief as I feel it fade into oblivion.

    This technique removes the guesswork and will always take you to the original thoughts and feelings aka “root” which allows someone to make progress in a fraction of the effort – much easier and faster.

    All of the major day to day pain I was suffering day in and out for 35 years is gone now. Any and all pain associated with intimate relationships present and past is gone.

    I feel free! I feel empowered!

    I am to the point now where I am moving forward in life at a wonderful pace and using the CT to remove any new barriers caused by negative feelings that come up in my day to day with work, money, friends etc. I have been using two of the Think and Grow Rich tracks (creative imagination loop and hypno persistance) for about two months now and they are amazing. I am now going to incorporate the Think and Grow Rich click tracks to burn in my list of desires aka “what I want” straight into my subconscious using pictures, storyboards and “I have” phrases.

    As it goes to say, if we are living on 95-99% subconscious thoughts and behavior patterns then why not just program the instructions deep into the subconscious using the tools and let the plane fly itself to your successful destination on autopilot rather than trying to fly it manually using affirmations and doing routines day in and out.