Reply To: Belief Phrase Variations

Peter Bunyan

    Hi plus1g

    As Pauls suggestion the one that has the most feeling as being right is probably the best one to use. PSTEC Generally short and simple works best , however for PSTEC Negative Tim suggests, if I remember correctly, 8-10 word sentences.

    If you find yourself using a phrase that you have used many times before in response to some situation (it has become a “saying”) then using the exact words will likely be best.

    If they feel like they have the same meaning to you then variations should not be needed. If you are not getting the results you want then it would not hurt to try.

    If you find that while running a track you correct the grammar or rewrite the sentence then it is probably not the right or that you have an analytical type mind and you are not focusing on the feeling behind the sentence.