Reply To: Hate the taste of noopept


    Hi Peter,

    I am certainly open to the idea that it's just a belief and yet I'm not convinced that it's that simple. Here's why- I had migraines 2 times a week for about 10 years, this may have caused some sort of brain damage all that trauma adding up. Increasing BDNF and NGF could only be a good thing. I notice that when I am on noopept my enjoyment of music goes up. Also this is very personal but I feel I can bring it up because I trust you guys so much, I was part of a religious cult (Mormonism) from the age of 12 to 28 and I really believed it was true, during that time I served a mormon mission which involved lots of mind control, and during that time my reading speed plummeted. I still read faster than most people but there was a definite decline in my intelligence during high school and especially after the mission when it came to academic things. I also noticed that it became increasingly difficult to enjoy things I once enjoyed like my favorite ska music. I don't have migraines any more but, I am interested in optimal functioning. Doing chores brings up negative memories of my house growing up- My mother always (there I go using over-generalizations but I swear it is true!) Kept the house messy or at least that is my predominant memory so whenever I think of doing laundry or whatnot I think of it as endless. We never got ahead & didn't have company over, I think the messiness was a big part of it. Mother liked to complain about bureacracy in her job as a schoolteacher and Dad was always trying to get away with paying as little taxes as possible (like it's a big deal, taxes. For some people taxes are no big deal.) So I think I have beliefs which make it hard for me to get licensed in a new state and etc. Mormonism has a belief that you are trying to be perfect in this life, or at least you should be perfect in keeping the Mormon commandments of no sex outside marriage, no drugs or alcohol, dress a certain way. Its quite ridiculous. So I took out a belief “I desire perfection” with the PSTEC negative and it made me feel much calmer, anxiety went down big time, it made me not feel like I have to take CBD Oil any more, basically I already feel like I am on it most of the time. Now which belief affects my motivation with the noopept I am not sure.

    Just so ya know I don't put my faith in science, I put my faith in myself and in common sense. Science is a religious cult. The scientists are the priests of the cult and they use their own language to describe things, and then we take their word for it (on “faith”). They are many times politically motivated in what they research, not motivated by the common good.