Reply To: Hate the taste of noopept

Peter Bunyan

    Hi bodycode

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Think of a belief as more than a name like anger or even a sentence “I hate the flavor of noopept” far bigger than those. Think of your life growing up with your parents and their negative behaviors as one big belief. It happened and you cannot change that but that it still has to affect you now is absolutely changeable. You do not have to be a victim of your past, it is past! So your intelligence declined when you were younger, it can increase now. You want to function optimally. Well if the past can affect you still, then so can your future. If you can imagine and desire it to happen then it will. So imagine yourself as you want to be in the near future, imagine how good it would be to function as you would like, how great it would feel, and do it often. This is made more effective by Click Tracking any negative feeling towards your parents for the life you lived then and  any negative feeling towards the Mormons for controlling your mind. With PSTEC Negative create a statement along the lines of “those migraines damaged my brain when I was young” and run that followed by PSTEC Positive with things like ” I have plenty of motivation” “I can read as fast as I could when young” “My enjoyment of music increases every time I hear some”. Listen to “Wealth of Abundance” a number of days in a row.

    Keep us posted with your progress.