Reply To: A life of its own

Brian Tucker

    is it just as effective to use my current feeling with the current chronic image which is mainly an aural-kinaesthetic image of a hateful punisher that is not any particular person but is a clear and familiar 'spirit' that hangs around me a lot.


    Focus on this character and try as hard as you can for as long as you can to recreate any emotion associated with it. Click until you can't feel that feeling in even the slightest way. You will know you are getting close to clearing it when it “feels like a dot or the point of a pin head” in the distance. Then relax and see if you have any low level emotional energy left with it and keep clicking until that is gone. That should clear it. It may take you many runs. I go after it and don't stop until its gone. If it comes back slightly again in the future, go after it again until it's gone.

    What may happen as you do this are other thoughts and/or feelings that pop into your head. If they do, write them down and click them away next. This is a very important part of the click tracks as these events/emotions are associated with the main event/emotion in some way.

    Do this and see/feel what happens and leave us an update!