Reply To: A life of its own

Brian Tucker

    Hi Peter

    Thank you for both your replies.

    To answer your question, I am using the 2015 tracks…. since about 5 months ago. (i said I'd been using the click tracks overall for 6 months but it's more like 8-9 months though the last month or 2 less intensively)

    I have often been working with this punisher character, and will continue  with it, and as you say write down other things that come up.

    Please feel free to ask me the other questions.

    Do you think Tim's new mindfulness program will help? I only received it yesterday, and it seems like a programme that could be time consuming, so it would compete with my time on the click tracks at least initially……. would you see it as key for me, or would the click tracks be the priority with the mindfulness studied gradually?

    I am not aware of it. Where is the info on it?