Reply To: A life of its own

Dr Steve Price

    Hi Eloith,

    First let me say I understand how painful the symptoms associated with PTSD can be and that you have come to the right place in your search for a release. At it's core, PTSD can sometimes be viewed as a frustrated quest to become your own person, with painful associations and memories thwarting your right to full expression and happiness. Sometimes this can even result in behaviours and life positions that you can't even justify to  yourself other than as defence strategies. It's my own view that you can take a two pronged approach which aims first to reduce, release and get rid of the unwanted triggers, irritants and toxic voices on the one hand, and discover, plan, set up and live the true you on the other.  The self help approach works but can be distracted whereas working with a therapist and some good materials can accelerate things beyond your expectations. If you have a moment to spare it can be helpful to write down where you feel the problems lie and where you your new free self is going to be going. Once you've got something to look forward to and  the knowledge that you have it as a right, your perspective, your circumstances and even the people around you will start being more and more helpful! Good Luck and Enjoy !!