Reply To: Need Advice on Business Fear

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Monmart & Scott

    Monmart you have identified the problem as fear. Fear is an emotion and therefore the first PSTEC tools to use are the Click Tracks. These work not just on past memories and associated feelings but anticipated future events, examples, upcoming exams or public speaking situations. In business start-ups then fear of failure is common and more understandable but fear of success is really the same thing. Here the change in how others perceive you either way alters how you feel they relate to you, this also changes you, so also fear of change, into the unknown.

    In order to work this way and ramp up the emotions and so give the Click Tracks a more accurate target, Imagine the worst things that could happen to you, this could be everything going pear shaped, losing money, your car, your house, your family. Or… everything going wildly viral and being inundated with media exposure, being on TV, big money companies wanting to buy you out for mega bucks. Whatever raises your anxiety and fear levels the most. Keep on imagining this like a disaster movie with sounds smells and touch, imagine the things other people might say, they way they might look at you, while running a Click Track.

    Give this a try and let us know how you get on. Then we can look at Negative and Positive statements.